A Letter To Kirk Minihane's Fans: We Defend Free Speech And Stand With The Mentally Ill and Blind People Of The World Against Humorless Social Justice Warriors And Will NEVER Apologize Or Back Down For It

A Letter To Kirk Minihane's Fans: We Defend Free Speech And Stand With The Mentally Ill and Blind People Of The World Against Humorless Social Justice Warriors And Will NEVER Apologize Or Back Down For It

To all the loyal Kirk Minihane fans reading this I want you to know that we are not just another sock company that pretends to be self righteous but then cowers when a social justice warrior threatens them. Troll Socks will never fold to a social justice warrior, ever. We just want to make fun socks that people will be just as happy to give as gifts as they would be to receive them. We believe in your right to say what you want to say, make the jokes that you want to make, and not have to apologize for it. ESPECIALLY when its so blatantly obvious that there has never been any malice behind it, like in Kirk's case. Kirk has been railroaded and unfairly targeted and it's been an absolute disgrace to watch. We were sad to hear that Bombas dropped their ads, because Bombas had enough money to make an impact in the Kirk Minihane Show, and help Kirk with some ad revenue to grow his podcast into a juggernaut.

Bombas made a fatal error in not recognizing the power and loyalty of the Kirk Minihane fanbase and I think they'll be sorry for a long time that they caved into the pressure of a lie-ridden copy-paste e-mail. They should hire some new decision makers with a backbone. 

We do not make enough money currently to make much of an impact, but Kirk was nice enough to understand that we can grow this thing together and a loyal, long term sponsor is better than a pussy ass, short term one.

I also want you all to know that I know that not all of you think Blind Mike is the most talented co-host out there. To be clear, I'm not saying that, but some of you are, and I want you to know that I know that you are thinking it. And I empathize with you. 

If we are being honest, Blind Mike isn't the funniest, handsomest, smartest, or wittiest guy in the room at any given time, but let's not forget that he did go after OJ Simpson's lawyer that one time, and he did have the balls to put all of his eggs in the Minihane basket to leave his illustrious street team career at WEEI behind, and he is blind. Blind people can't drive and it's not their fault, so let's all help Blind Mike get to work in the morning. We need to show the SJW's that Kirk's fan base rallies around those in need rather than sabotage them. 

When people like Kirk Minihane and Dave Portnoy (whether you are currently a fan of his or not) get attacked and painted as a character that is the opposite of who they actually are it is a travesty of the worse kind. No wonder Kirk went to the hospital. No wonder Dave keeps Ace of Spaces bottles in his office with the names of his enemies on them. Put yourself in their shoes for one minute. Imagine being inside your own brain, knowing that what the Social Justice Warriors are saying about you is the exact opposite of who you know yourself to be. Wouldn't that drive you insane?

Say FUCK OFF to those people who are trying to censor free speech. Say FUCK OFF to those people with nothing better to do then to play the victim card. It feels good to say what you want to say. Say THANK YOU to Kirk Minihane, Dave Portnoy, and the few other people like them who are our last hope for unfiltered conversations and content. 

Buy some socks, tell your friends to buy some socks, and we will be able to re-invest into the Kirk Minihane show so we can be a long-term partner. We can defeat these idiots together. And for what it's worth, our socks are designed to never get holes in the toes, are unique and fun to give as gifts, are one-size-fits-all, and are always limited edition, so when they sell out they are gone forever. 

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  • Nick from Boston

    Just bought my first pair of Troll Socks – Trumpanator! – and with one click supported my president, free speech, Kirk, and this ballsy new company I just heard about for the first time 5 minutes ago (greatest marketing decision of all time is just professing not being a bunch of little bitches). Thanks for taking a stand! You have at least one new customer.

  • Mike

    Can we get Kirk and blind mike socks PLEASE

  • cmk

    You my good man… have some f*ckin’ balls! Kudos from a new customer! #1A

  • Bob M

    I have a wittle itty bitty penis that shrinks to the size a AAA battery when the weather is chilly. I’m worried that your “one size fits all” socks will slide right off my limp lizard. Please troll socks, I beg you to manufacture a shaft sweater fit for a newborn.

    P.S- my daughter would love a pair as well. Same size

  • Dan

    Let freedom of speech reign!!! I support Kirk in his endeavors to say whatever the fuck he wants within the confines of legality. (Obviously threats of doing someone harm does not apply… Not that he ever has).

    Finally a product I can support him on. Can’t relate to the dick wipes sorry. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that product just not for me)

    Dan from Taxachusetts.

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